Remembering Aaron Swartz with action: watch new, unreleased footage from "Internet's Own Boy"


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Maybe it is because I am forced to browse through IE at work so it isn’t displaying correctly, but I can’t tell where the new footage is in the links of the article. is it the embedded video of Lessig?

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Apparently the “right” to make money trumps all other rights and that has become our tacit state religion. Anyone who is seen as a threat to that is treated as an enemy of the state.

And now I’m going to cry again.

Every time I think about him, this film, and the change he would have wrought, I feel overwhelmingly sad. I wish I had known him before he was lost.

All these cases of bullying seem so valid yet they are somehow swept under the carpet. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a country run by bullies. Or something like that. More here.

Gracias a @xeni por compartir está entrevista con Brian, director del hermoso documental en homenaje a la memoria de #AaronSwartz “El Pelao de la Red”
Lo pueden ver completo acá con subtítulos en español.

Los invito a apoyar Diego Gomez en Colombia

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