Remote learning memory techniques for kids

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Everytime I see a headline about “remote learning” I get confused and wonder how Art Bell went so mainstream all of a sudden.


We have the amazing power of somehow being able to see things using our imagination. For example, if I asked you to imagine a slice of pizza, you could see a picture of that slice in your mind, right?

Hmmm. I’m not sure that the author appreciates that this isn’t true for everyone - indeed, it isn’t true for a sizeable proportion of people, I understand. [Again, the failure of almost every “self-help” book is the assumption that what worked for the author will, by definition, work for everybody else. This is not the case.]


Arrgh, those in-line ads are confusing to this article.
It takes some effort to determine if the graphics are related to the examples or “happy coincidences” or just outright off-topic.

Perhaps some of the random examples should be named and shamed in this thread.

This. I only learned that aphantasia was a thing a few years ago (thanks STBYM!), which led to a conversation with my SO where she realised that she has it, and was just as surprised that I could conjure up mental “images”. It was one of the more compelling bits of evidence in favour of qualia (and against universal self-help advice) that I’ve come across.

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