Remove the DRM from iTunes movies with TunesKit

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Or you know just don’t use that awful program.


ETA: sadly, Apple is phasing out support for their store on older versions of Itunes this spring, which means requiem will finally no longer be useful.

Requiem will strip the DRM from Itunes videos completely losslessly, and it is free. It requires Itunes 10.7 and Java, so you’ll want to run it on a spare machine or a VM.

Apple recently stopped selling 1080p content through Itunes 10.7, but you can still get SD and 720p files.

@TobinL, yes, Apple is awful and Itunes sucks. However, AFAIK, the Itunes video store is the only source for purchased video that can be stripped of DRM 100% losslessly, without re-encoding or messing around with complicated Rube Goldberg DRM removal schemes, using a free tool.


Avoid DRM, illegally download media.


I’ll spend about 20 minutes trying to give someone money for what they made in a format I can use (plex media server). After those 20 minutes are up I look for other ways.


Aside from giving the creators money, if you are looking for something that isn’t a new release, it is often impossible to find high quality rips with active seeders of older material on pirate sites. A mix of piracy and purchase allows you to watch the widest range of movies and shows.


“Spotty internet connection” is a shitty excuse, because you don’t need to stream iTunes movies but can download them to your authorized devices anyway. Even the rented one. (okay, technically they are all rented until you strip the DRM)

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Copyright infringement isn’t theft.

At least in the UK, theft means taking something and permanently depriving the original owner of its use. So stealing a car and keeping it is theft while stealing a car, driving it for a while and then dumping it is not theft, it’s taking without consent.

When you break DRM, or pirate a movie, you are not depriving the original owner of the use of his copy therefore not theft


avoid the van gogh if you can’t get it off

Boing Boing isn’t an actual court of law. You will see vernacular used a lot around here. We talk about piracy and usually it doesn’t involve parrots and semen. When we talk about identity theft, people are usually just victims of fraud. Theft of services even gets mentioned sometimes and that one is actually accurate.

Sometimes we say stolen or robbed or burgled and we all know what it means.

And before anybody calls me out, I’m guilty of doing the “well actually” thing too.

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The interesting thing about the idiots that always screech about PIRACY being something that only happens on the high seas is that even legally, this term has been used since the 1800s. 200 years is a long time for idiots to be still complaining about them whippersnappers trying to make fetch happen.

Sounds interesting, but wouldn’t you have to give Tuneskit your Apple ID and password? Don’t know if I’d be up for that

I think you’re watching either the wrong pirate movies or the right ones :wink:


I used to have to spend hours figuring out how exactly the computer got trashed because (it seemed) my son illegally downloaded something with a trojan. Thank god he’s out of the house.

Actually, completely false. Specialized private trackers, such as Cinemageddon, often completely obliterate iTunes’ selection, albeit also often enough within a specific subset of titles. In fact, I’ve NEVER had any legitimate streaming site be the only place to find a given video (or song). Not even once!

These programs access files downloaded to your PC, not via your actual iTunes account. You don’t give them your iTunes login.

Naturally private trackers have a better selection than public ones. But they’re closed membership clubs, which seldom accept new members. You have to know somebody who knows somebody to join. And they often have draconian seeding ratio rules that are quite a chore to deal with if you don’t have a seedbox.

I could ferret out an invite to a private tracker and invest in a seedbox and so on and so forth. But it’s often just easier and less annoying to find a copy by other means, whether that’s a cheap used DVD or buying it from Itunes or placing a hold for the DVD at the library.

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it’s trespass.

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That’s a very good example of why standard users shouldn’t have admin rights and kids shouldn’t ever get the admin password. Wanna install something? Talk to the system owner!

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Indeed. I still miss just for the music recommendation feature. The best thing about the pirate sites isn’t the free stuff, it’s the huge and enthusiastic curation efforts.