Repair any device like a pro with the iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit -- only $34.95

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Unfortunately I’m still running the 32-bit version


Yeah, I was confused there for a second.

“Why the hell would I pay anything more than $0 for drivers? Even if they are 64-bit? They’re all free online anyway.”


Yeah, no. I could have the best tools out there, and I would not be able to fix any device like a pro. I can get close, though.

If I had this in my hands, I could say to my partner (a mechanic and super genius) “Hey, I have something for you. Incidentally, can you please fix my gadget?” Might work. It’s worked in the past, though he did say that if I ever dropped anything in the toilet again, I must promise to say “toilet water” and not just “water” because apparently it’s just polite to disclose that sort of thing. :sweat:


“This item cannot be shipped to your country.”

Seriously? It’s a frikking set of screwdrivers, not an atomic bomb component.

It’s 2016. Shipping stuff to Canada is not rocket science. USPS can do it, hell, even China can do it. The fact that BB somehow can’t is not acceptable.

You guys had a pretty good site going, up until last year when it was suddenly flooded with craptastic “suggested posts” linking to clickbait.

For 8 years this site has been my go-to for interesting perspectives on news and cool stories, but lately the signal to noise ratio is crashing hard.



Come on, say the words!

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A set of drivers (and decades of tinkering experience) let you fix any device like a pro!

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I’m getting a 404 :frowning:

The iFixit kits are great. I use mine all the time.

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