Report: al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claims responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack


I was going to write a political statement about the USA, Saudi Arabia, imperialism, extremism and oil but no.I have decided instead to write a simple and sincere wish:


That’s it.

Now I can go back mourning.


Here’s the thing. If these fucks think they’re going to paradise and become martyrs when they die why do they try to escape and take hostages etc.

Seems hypocritical…


“If there is no check on the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions.”

So likewise, with this kind of logic, their hearts too must be totally open to the freedom of action of states such as France to go in and indiscriminately massacre their civilian populations, right? All good, win win for everyone? It’s amazing, and sad, how stupid these people are.


Maybe the best way of dealing with these assholes is to take the lesson from our Saudi allies who have a penchant for public shamings.

Publicly disposing of the remains of dead terrorists along with hog carcasses in a slurry pit could send an effective message.


Or posting caricatures of them in sexually explicit situations and sharing them with the wider public.

Maybe if they saw that they would be ridiculed and laughed at after they die it might deter them.

Knowing how sensitive these child-like mentalities are i believe this would be quite effective.


I bet they claimed responsibility for the Sony hack too. Every time there’s an atrocity like this, the atrocious line up to claim credit.


I think it’s interesting that this claim was only made after the perpetrators had already been killed and can’t answer any questions.

Why is it interesting? They had already stated prior to being killed they were working for Al Qaeda in Yemen. Do you think it was someone else, the lizard people maybe? the rand corporation? reverse vampires?

Well, nah, rather the opposite.
If you’re asking about my personal opinion, from the available facts I really get the impression that these a-holes were two petty crooks on the lam who essentially had failed at everything both personally and career-wise.
Al Qaeda might have provided them with weaponry and some basic training, but if you’d caught one of them alive and pressed them for their motives, I doubt they´d given you anything more eloquent than “F*ck the world” or words to that effect.

But as dead they can become whatever we want them to be, either great martyrs, or figureheads for The Great Islamic World Domination Conspiracy™, whichever side rocks your boat.

Come to think of it, it’d be a little breath of fresh air if the usual pundits tried to pin the lizard reverse vampire conspiracy on the corpses this time instead.

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