Report on media manipulation "from radicalized groups that emerged from internet subcultures"

I hear you. This is the only online forum I participate in. I had to delete Facebook because of the mental anguish it was causing me. BB is the only place I know of where people of seemingly diverse perspectives engage in thoughtful, civil discourse. Though mostly left-leaning there are still quite a few voices from across the spectrum and their thoughtful comments are met with thoughtful replies almost to a one. I’m glad you’ve gotten to the place where you value your own voice. Cheers!


There’s actually a lot of common ground between the libertarian right and the democratic socialist left.

If there was an actual libertarian presidential candidate who would do things social libertarian things like campaign finance reform, non-interventionist foreign policy, and decriminalizing/legalizing drugs I’d probably go for that over yet another neoliberal. Wouldn’t be ideal but in the long term campaign finance reform and criminal justice reform could pave the way for a candidate I’d more fully support.

Being the only country in the EU with nukes post-Brexit will probably raise their spirits. I’m sure that being the last line of defense if the Anglophones stick their heads in the sand will lead to all sorts of favorable treaties.

I don’t think anyone is paying the alt-right foot soldiers, but there is a lot of money out there.

Largest is the Heritage Foundation, which took a swing to the far right years ago:

Koch Bros’

I don’t know where Judicial Watch really stands:

Gatestone Institute & friends:
Backing a lot of the Islamophobia:

And then there’s Robert Mercer’s clump of organizations.

The listed assets don’t always tell the story, some are money funnels.

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Yeah, me too. Unfortunately all of the self-professed “libertarian” political figureheads toe the line on the GOP’s idiotic moralism which runs directly counter to the core principles of true libertarianism. I was really excited about Ron Paul in 2008 until I read about his stance on abortion’s legality. LINO. Honestly, Bernie is the only mainstream libertarian-minded candidate in recent memory, but I completely understand why he wouldn’t want to align with that Inforwars-nutjob-infested group with a 10 foot pole, even though he enjoyed a tremendous amount of support from them.

That’s not how depression works. You don’t stop being depressed just because things get better for you. Not in the short term, anyway.

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I’m broke, severely socially isolated and officially crazy as fuck. But you ain’t never gonna find me hanging with the wankers of the alt-right.

A bad situation can encourage a moderately shitty person to become a severely shitty person. But it isn’t inevitable, and it isn’t an excuse.

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OTOH, both “psychohistory” and “neuroses” are regarded as pseudoscientific twaddle by modern psychology.

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