Republicans against evolution

I think this represents that 1/3 of Americans are getting left behind, and ironically it’s the folks who read those “Left Behind” books.


Are those books still a thing? I tried to read one years ago when they were suddenly popular for some reason, but the writing was just so horrible. They made Dan Brown look like Maya Angelou.

It’s not if your whole point is to mock idiots.

There are persons who confuse “god’s hand” in Evolution (a supernatural claim having nothing to do with science) with being a Creationist. That’s the fault of the Wedge Strategy.

There are plenty of idiots who state those “extreme views” you claim are a minority, and parroting those views in a mocking manner is the only sane way of dealing with shameless anti-intellectuals.

Reagan did it too. He directed his Surgeon General to study “post-abortion syndrome” - the supposed negative mental health effects of having had an abortion. Except that the research showed that no such thing existed - the most common emotion after having had an abortion was relief. So Reagan suppressed the study and wouldn’t allow it to be published.

How do I know this? Got it from the horse’s mouth - I interviewed C. Everett Koop when I was a young journalism student and he spoke at my university.

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You’re making a big assumption about what my party is, there. I can tell you that I’m sure as hell not a Democrat. Maybe somewhere between a Green and what they used to call a left-wing libertarian before the libertarians became a neutered republican cheering section. The Democrats, with a very few exceptions, luckily including my Senator, are every bit as corrupt and just about as totalitarian as the Republicans. That said, I think your comparison is either disingenuous or myopic. As individuals, they might believe this stuff, but in general, the Democratic party does not have pushing anti-scientific bullshit as nearly as large a part of what it cares about and is working for as the Republicans do. Even among your examples, the one where they were actually pushing a policy (prop 37), it was not a bad law (it wasn’t going to outlaw GMOs, jus t require them to be labeled), even if that guy was supporting it for stupid reasons,most of the people who supported it did not believe that guy’s bullshit. With the Republicans, OTOH, climate denial and creationism are large matters of party policy.


There’s only so many times I can post this, but it never stops being relevant.

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I think that means that evolution denialism has grown by 11% among Republicans and shrunk by 3% among Democrats…

I do wish people would stop calling these people skeptics though, as this is less an example of honest questioning of established opinion and more the stubborn refusal to examine evidence calling someone’s own opinion into question. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to be a skeptic of evolution or parts of it, but I really don’t think that this is what we’re looking at.

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It would, wouldn’t it. I’m asleep, clearly…

What center?

We have radical neoliberal-imperialist ‘centrists’ shilling for new wars, new powers for the Stasi, and new opportunities for rent-seeking and profiteering.

We don’t have any center in sight any more, the whole system’s broken loose and careening to the right.


And the fact that 50% of Americans aren’t that bright, 33% aint that bad.

Willful ignorance and prideful stupidity have found a cozy home in America and a comfortable living room in the GOP.

Sure, just like Newton’s Law of Gravity, and Thermodynamics, and Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion, etc, etc. All “just” theories.

This is why we need investment in public science education – to make sure everyone understands that “theory” doesn’t mean “we guess”, but “we don’t have divine revelation, so we may find we have to refine this later as more data comes in.”

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In extremism, making the extreme the norm is end game. Whether or not end game is where the extremist is at, it is always where they live. Even when all evidence points to the contrary, they believe they speak for a silent majority that secretly agrees with their particular brand of crazy.

& that is why MarjaE placed ‘centrists’ in between the funny marks.

edit to add - In the US there is enough support for any particular brand of crazy to give some merit to any extremist believing they are at end game. It seems increasingly that the greater impediment is less the silent majority (that doesn’t really agree with the crazy) than it is merely the other extremists.

On the other hand a new Gallup poll shows 79% of Americans believe the earth revolves around the sun, 18 % believe the sun revolves around the earth. That leaves 3 % that I suspect believe the sun revolves around them. I suspect they’re all politicians.

& BTW: Looking around the world today I’m a firm believer in devolution.

Damn, I wish I was that optimistic.

Americans are idiots. Creationist or Evolutionist, most Americans avoid the labor of thought at any and all costs. Much easier to recite MSM talking points then actually come to a thought on ones own.

Well Democrats have become more and more right wing so I guess it makes sense. Of course I thought they were being converted to neoliberalism rather than creationism…

but isn’t your generalization itself a talking point?

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