Research sub lost to the briny deep


Just last night I was looking at the live feed from that. It was all black, and I figured, “well, I guess they haven’t turned the lights on yet.” I feel kind of like that person who was stuck on a stopped train who finds out later that they were stopped because someone threw themselves onto the tracks.

It’s also ironic, I think, because I heard that even though James Cameron donated his submarine to Woods Hole, they can’t use it because of insurance issues.


Sadly, I think most folks will read this and think, “what a piece of junk to break like that–such a waste of money”, without throwing even the smallest bit of thought towards the difficulty of creating and operating such an amazing craft. At the very least, should the engineers find out what went wrong, that’ll mean we’ve got a new generation of watercraft better enabled to do discovery in the deepest parts of the ocean.

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“What do you mean, your hands slipped?”

And how the hell were you watching porn on the damned sub monitor?!?

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