Researcher controls colleague’s motions in 1st human brain-to-brain interface


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First things first. How do we monetize this with sex?


Great news for the teledildonics industry!


Bah, old news. The CIA have had this technology for years. Oops I think I’ve said too much…why am I hitting my self? Why am I hitting myself?


Loki is…Interested.

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Can this be adapted to allow my computer to make me exercise in my sleep?

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My first thought was sex, but I see that’s been covered. My second thought is, I’m not sure this is what it first sounds like. They put the TMS coil directly over the part of the receiver’s brain that controls hand movement, and it sounds like that’s the only reason the receiver moved his right hand instead of responding in some other way. So it sounds like the fact that the movement the sender was thinking of was similar to the movement the receiver performed was just a trick of the setup, and that all that was transmitted was a one-bit signal. The really exciting applications (ahem) will have to wait until the signal being transmitted is related to the action to be performed.


Oh, man. Good spot. That turns out to be true for so much digital anything these days. Hand waving and fast talk. As an artist I say that territory has been covered. Let’s move on.

Damn. I was planning to link this technology up to my time machine so I could masturbate myself in the future past.

I’m in favor of anything involving those lovely purple electric brain condoms.


Hey, you can’t have two people wearing those hats. One has to go on a chicken or a gorilla. Obviously they are not familiar with the literature.


Maybe I’m behind the times, since mind-machine interfaces are not even tangentially related to anything I do, but just the idea that there’s a non-invasive method of involuntarily inducing motor activity in a subject is pretty damn impressive to me. Last time I saw anything like this it was only possible to read the signal and control a cursor or robot arm based on that.

The ultimate Dutch Rudder!

It appears the sound of a massive leap forward in science, technology and general awesome is ‘Yaaaaaaay!’

i totally approve.

No more blanks necessary for the firing squad…

I sent them a correction: their diagram of the process overlooked the NSA server listening in via the internets.

It’s the first human brain-to-brain interface that facilitates a degree of motor control/intentionality. However it’s not the first brain-to-brain interface. Prof. Christopher James and team have developed and tested a brain-to-brain BCI back in 2009.

His experiment had one person using BCI to transmit thoughts,
translated as a series of binary digits, over the internet to another
person whose computer receives the digits and transmits them to the
second user’s brain through flashing an LED lamp.

While attached to an EEG amplifier, the first person would generate
and transmit a series of binary digits, imagining moving their left
arm for zero and their right arm for one. The second person was also
attached to an EEG amplifier and their PC would pick up the stream of
binary digits and flash an LED lamp at two different frequencies, one
for zero and the other one for one. The pattern of the flashing LEDs
is too subtle to be picked by the second person, but it is picked up
by electrodes measuring the visual cortex of the recipient.

The encoded information is then extracted from the brain activity of
the second user and the PC can decipher whether a zero or a one was

Regardless of the purported uses, the audible reactions from the researchers are truly delightful! :smile:

Meat puppets for our future robotic overlords!

They did this through a Skype connection, so now the NSA knows what they were thinking at the time.

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