Resilience over rigidity: how to solve tomorrow's computer problems today

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Been reading this today - brief outline on SCM (Storage Class Memory) and it’s impending impact on DC’s. Interesting, especially since I’ve been doing SAN stuff for ages and my dad did as well. Sadly his SAN ideas were 10 years ahead of the industry. Pays to be ahead, but if you’re too far ahead, no one gets it yet.

I’m not quite sure I agree with Cory’s answer. To me making everything that can listen do so and then report back to a common “big brother” seems a tad more intrusive than I’d like, not to mention it looks like it would open up an entirely different set of problems. If I was worried someone was going to hack my phone simply to modify the radio firmware I’d be equally worried bad people would load a virus on my phone that could listen in on what the phone was listening to. A hack not to modify anything, but to gather data. In theory it could be extrapolated to be a massive electromagnetic sensor array similar to the idea in the Dark Knight.

It seems to me it’d be far simpler to add in a stand alone chip that’s only job would be to run a checksum analysis of the SDR firmware. A chip that’s not connected to anything else and at most switches an output if it detects a change (or it could just cut the radio all together). Sure manufactures might still make bad radio firmware but it is in their best interest not to anyway. Personally I’d rather be able to use my hardware the way I want, not the way big brother forces me to.

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Better: allow the rf baseband processor reprogramming from a JTAG only, or so. No way to remotely exploit anything and you still can run whatever code you want on your machine.

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Maybe that takes the form of you filling in a bug report with the FCC’s radio cops…

The FCC’s what? Take a look at the FCC budget and tell me where you’re going to hire a passel of tech-savvy cops? In order to hire a team like that, Congress would require the actual sacrifice of 10,000 children.

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