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My young adult novel, which has been read by a dozen of people, is free. My $100M Secret is about a good kid who wins $100M in a lottery and because of a plot contrivance can’t tell his parents about it.


Some missing from the article

the Internet Archive has about 1.4 million books, for free:
you may have to sign up to borrow some of these. Some you can just download.

Project Gutenberg has a whole lot of books (about 61K) that are in the public domain:

You can add in some Baen books from their free library:


Internet Archive is essentially pirating, right now. They have not paid for the rights for many (or even most) of the modern books they offer. Compensation is not being given to creators.

Gutenberg is public domain only.


Some of the Winston juvenile SF is free online. Some show up at when I use “Winston science fiction”.

I’ve alsoI’ve also found some at, but by searching for specific titles.

Of course, the seriesf rom the fifties was in a lot of libraries, distinct volumes by various authors under an umbrella, not continuity betweem books except a sequel or two.

I always liked “The Year When Stardust Fell” by Raymond F. Jones, The tail of a comet fuses parts, so no motors, no generators which means no electricity. It stands up well when I read it as an adult.

Not all of the collection is free, though many are in print again as ebooks at amazon. Some were reprinted in paperback over the decades, but not all.

There’s always my great, great, great grandfather’s three books. Alexander Ross, has them. Forgive the racism, I’m thinking he was writing for his audience. He loved my great, great, great grandmother, they were together for 44 years, until he died, and the farm was left to her.

“Adventures of the first settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River”

“The fur hunters of the Far West”

“The Red River settlement”

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Thanks, but I’ll busy reading my downloaded If issues 1952-1986 for a while. Since I’m actually somewhere in the early 1970s that might take another year.

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