Restauranteurs' association dismayed when their private poll on minimum wage reveals a nation in support of their low-paid staff

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I just had an amazing idea. You know you can increase minimum wage to livable wages AND not increase the costs of your shit. How will you make money you ask? Oh…I dunno…maybe STOP PAYING YOUR EXECUTIVES $10,000,000 A YEAR TO SIT ON THEIR ASSES!


Restauranteur’s that miss treat employees? Vote with your feet, do not patronize these establishments.


Ah, but you forget, young padawan… the people deciding that parasitic execs are worth $10mil a year are… their fellow parasitic execs on the corporate board! You don’t think those middle-class stockholders have anything to say about the running of the company, do you?


Frankly, the entire concept of a “tipped minimum wage” is an economic obscenity that should be outlawed immediately. Then see how that affects the regular minimum wage…


I am far from a young padawan. The point therein however is not lost on me…whatsoever.


I guess that pretty much cancels eating food that others prepare then.


We just need to ask restaurants to post a sign saying “we crap on our waitstaff” so I know which ones to avoid.

It might be possible to do the opposite and create a “fair wage certification” with a logo you could put on the door to tell people that your waitstaff are treated fairly. A fairly substantial endeavor but one that might be worth it if government regulation doesn’t pan out.


Now you’re cooking with gas.


Here’s a shocker: A group that is dumb enough to call itself the NRA thinks that the logic of the public must be wrong when public opinion is overwhelmingly against their interests.


I think a lot of people my age took jobs at one or more of these establishments to supplement grants or loans to pay for college. When we worked as waitstaff and were being paid the reduced wage, it was assumed that we were making at least minimum wage, regardless of the quality of tips, and our paychecks reflected this. I remember being scolded for not registering ‘enough’ in tips, even though my tips had really been crappy that day. The only good thing is that usually we got more than minimum wage (not always, but generally at least a little), and got free meals out of it. Sometimes we were permitted to take home pre-cooked things that were unsellable the next day, or things that couldn’t generally be sold, like bread heels.


If Americans stood in solidarity with ALL labor…


From April 5, 2018, also by Cory: how the chamber of commerce steamrolls sympathetic employers into fighting against living wages:


Well I certainly don’t think that a 5-15% difference in price will change peoples eating habits much. But to be fair, just because 70% of people SAY that they would be willing to pay more does not mean that the would actually be willing to SPEND more when the money is coming out of their own pockets. But the very fact that the commissioned a poll like this shows that they believe that money is the most important thing to most people,…because people who treasure money above all else tend to be the people in charge.

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Frank Luntz is a word magician, and in my estimation the one man most responsible for Republican’s successes in branding, framing and positioning. I hate his fucking guts for what he has done to this country, but I have honest, if grudging, respect for his skills. Full disclosure: I work in a related field, and have worked with his former partner Mike Maslansky.

If he cannot get the results his client had hired him to get, then they’re pretty fucked.


There is no such word as “restauranteur.” It’s “restaurateur.” Try typing and spell-checking it–the former gets a red line under it, the latter doesn’t.


It’s been suggested. They tended to kill and imprison people over it


This reminds me of when Papa John’s CEO claimed that if he were forced to give healthcare to all of his employees he’d have to charge as much as 14 cents per pizza more to pay for it. And somehow he thought that was something he should say in public as a reason to not give his employees healthcare benefits (on a shareholder’s call if I recall correctly).



Actually, it is a variant spelling (though historically considered wrong):

Sometimes, restauranteur

Usage note
The English word restaurateur, borrowed from French, still exists in modern French in the same form and with the same meaning. The variant spelling restauranteur, influenced by the more familiar English word restaurant, is gaining some currency, but has traditionally been considered erroneous.