Retro-style LED light bulbs


I’m holding out for the LED version.

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Uh, you mean the one in the post?

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Perhaps a modern-style incandescent bulb?
Incandescent digital display

Just need a module with a bunch of short wires that approximate the size of LEDs and you will have a LED-style light bulb that uses incandescents.

But seriously, these are something I’ve been looking for for a while. 25-watt-incandescent-equivalent LEDs are few and far between. I’ve been trying to replace the incadescents on an outdoor light string but have had no luck. The LEDs I’ve purchased have all failed very quickly because they were dirt cheap.
These are even shaped like the incandescents I use but at $40/pop, it would cost me nearly $1000 to use these.

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Frankly I think you’re better off just getting a light string with integrated LEDs instead of retrofitting. Each LED lamp needs its own driver to convert the 120 volt signal down. Getting a new light string is going to have one driver across the entire thing, and it’ll be a better driver in the first place…

This thing? This is one of the worst LED products I’ve ever had the opportunity to see, and working in the lighting business, I see just about everything that comes out. People can talk about the length of time the LED chips last all they want but nobody ever wants to talk about the integrated driver that has a three year warranty. And if it’s on the top, where all the heat gathers in a light fixture? Sorry sensitive electronics, you lose.

If these bulbs last five years without failing I’d be very, very surprised.


Sounds like good advice. Do you know of an integrated LED string that’s built for a permanent, long-term outdoor installation? I don’t want christmas lights.

I’ve spent a lot of money trying to be what I consider an early adopter of LED bulbs and have gotten burnt more often than I should. I’ve got several that have performed well but also several more (expensive ones, even) that didn’t last very long at all.

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I’d look at a product by a company called Tokistar called the Exhibitor series. The nice thing is that they sell the light string and the transformers separately, as the latter is designed to be easily replaced when it fails in three to five years while the former will last. They specialize in replaceable LED modules as well, so when one of them fails you can swap them out or you can change colors as needed without swapping out the entire thing.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ll contact a dealer and brace myself for the price. But these are lights we use for hours daily so I’m quite anxious to cut their energy draw from ~600 watts to ~72 watts.

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It might not be that bad, one reason I like Tokistar so much is their prices are reasonable for what you’re getting.

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Oh, wow. FAIL.

Yesterday at a hardware store I saw old-timey incandescent bulbs that were similar to these, and so I assumed that’s what I had seen here as well. What’s even worse is that is only the second dumbest thing I’ve done today. (Not gonna answer, don’t ask.)

Clearly I should get off the internet for the rest of the day, and I should also make sure I’m not logged into the production server at work.


OR, you could mount it in a table lamp and avoid that problem. You know, right-side-up.

Can you use 'em to smoke meth with though?

It would have to be old-timey meth.


You could, but I wouldn’t suffer that disaster of a light source anywhere near my head.

Really? When you could be using Nixie tubes?

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That may work for my bathroom. I have a mid-50’s style light above the mirror, and the bulbs sit fully exposed. Been trying to decide if I’m replacing it, or just the bulbs. (I’ll hunt a lower price first!) Thanks for the heads up @beschizza!

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Don’t forget about halogens. About three times as expensive as the incandescents they replace, with 2/3rds of the wattage. Bathrooms need good color rendering and I wouldn’t put an LED in my bathroom because of that.

Yup, had thought about halogens, but thanks! I’ve just been being lazy taking care of this in general, and the link gives me one more idea to check out. These are rated high for warm tones, and they’ll fit the style of the existing fixture. I know a few stores nearby that should have them in-store if I want to check the actual appearance.

I’ve been holding off replacing bulbs 'coz my place is a mid-century condo, and the bathroom could stand some work anyhow. So, I go back and forth on “replace some bulbs” or just “replace the (late-70s) fixture”. I’ll get it done eventually.

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) shows 82, which means you’re missing 18% of your colors. These will likely be in the red and green spectrum. While CRI is not the best index for true color measurement for LEDs it’s a good standard to start with and these might be an expensive thing to try.