Revealed! The cover of RADICALIZED, my next book of science fiction

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Unauthorized Bread

Great name for a band.


Cory - will you be selling an ebook version through your Craphound site?


Will any of the characters pause in their adventures for a nice warming soup?

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Congratulations, Cory! I look forward to reading Radicalized.


Some people never take a break.

Get it? Crushed?

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Dr. Crusher to the bridge

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I like simple iconography. I label many in the things in my world with simple ideograms. When I was working, my coworkers and volunteers used to rib me about it regularly. I even subscribed to the NounProject¹, a massive collection of monochromatic icons and ideograms, via the BoingBoing store for a time.

I do know your writing Mr. Doctrow, and I might just pick up this book for a read/listen when I can based off the cover alone. I haven’t run into fun light reading with you. I usually end up angry and irritated and end up reading in short bits instead of straight through. That said, I still enjoy your writing.

I am worried about a world where, I am guessing via the cover, either my toaster won’t make me toast, or I can’t have toast. Toast, or lack thereof, is my single biggest reason I do not want to go into space. There is no toast in space. One can not eat toast in a spacesuit during an EVA. One’s dying words in space might be, “pass the applebutter”, but it would be hollow and imaginary.

Again, I hate to make a reading choice based off a cover, but it really is a stunning cover. Plus, I have a preference for short stories.

Note: BoingBoing Archive Link, it would be nice to see this deal again.

Hey, Cory – not approaching this from a place of entitlement, but I’m kind of curious if you’re going to be giving RADICALIZED away free – and if not, it might be worthwhile simply to speak to what’s changed in terms of your beliefs about same. You were an evangelist for giving away fiction free before. Again, I’m not saying we’re entitled to it – but I am simply curious about the change.

will have a cover by the amazing Will Stahle, who is, for my money, the best cover designer working in the business at the moment.

You might say he is a very Stahle genius

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