Revealed: the questing, flexible, ramified business-end of a mosquito


Is there any information regarding whether the mouse made it out of this experiment alive?

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“encased in a sheath called the labium.” not sure they meant that…

Please excuse me while I go liberate every last canister of mosquito fogger from the local home improvement store…

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That is not unlike some of the advanced drilling techniques used today by oil and gas companies.



I will do anything! I will wear a shirt made of jumping spiders to prevent that from ever happening to me again!

My cells feel violated now.

I’ve wondered why sometimes I will look down at my leg and see a mosquito I didn’t realize was there happily sucking away while other times I’ll feel a little prick in the same area because a mosquito has just bitten me. There’s probably no single reason, but I wonder if sometimes the mosquito has to do more probing to find a blood vessel.

Also, not even remotely related, but once my dentist told me “You’re going to feel a little prick in your mouth” and I said, “You could at least take me out to dinner and a movie first.”


h-how sensual

Was there an explosion or a bunch of blood leaking all over the place that I missed?

Biology is terrifying, someone hurry up with that gadget that lets me upload my consciousness into a computer.

Yes, they did mean “labium.”

The typo is that they say you can’t see the labrum, but they mean you can’t see the labium.

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EVIL. Make it go away. I am not in any way squeamish but I hate mosquitoes and had to turn this one off. NOPE.

Why do the cells appear to be moving?




I now itch everywhere.

I always assumed it had to due with the density of nerves in the skin, especially for sensing pain. I’m a “picker” by nature and like to pop pimples and just mess with anything out of the ordinary. I know from experience I can insert a thin needle with no pain probably 30% of the time. (Obviously it only works on myself sense I can feel the pain sensation even before I pierce the skin.)

wow. that was weird.

speaking of mosquitos and weird, i remember when i was in kindergarten, the fun thing to do was to sit and wait to get bit, then pinch the flesh on either side of the stinger (or mouth, or whatever). this traps the mosquito. apparently, once they start sucking blood, they can stop only by flying away, but the pinch prevented that. we would watch close-up as their abdomens would balloon up and explode. good times.

Now all we have to do is train mosquitoes to inject toxins near cancer cells.


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