Rick from Rick and Morty arrives in MultiVersus, WB's fighting game

Originally published at: Rick from Rick and Morty arrives in MultiVersus, WB's fighting game | Boing Boing

The game is far more entertaining than I expected it to be. On the most basic level it’s a Smash Bros. clone, but the focus on teams and the surprisingly diverse movesets are strong differentiators. Since it’s free, I think everyone should spend an hour or two with it before dismissing it.

The cratering player base is a surprise, but I suppose it shouldn’t be. Most games in the fighting-adjacent category lose players due to fading interest and the juggernaut players making things less fun for the casual. This game has the added issue of only having a handful of characters available at a time, unless you pay earned in-game funds or convert your cash to the alternative in-game currency. I find the rotation exciting, but I’m sure that’s not fun for others.

Rick, and hell even Morty, is interesting in being abruptly brought in because the advertised characters for this season of the game are Black Adam and Stripe (Gremlins). There’s still no date on them despite their being promoted when you load up the game. Like you said, they might have been prioritized because they need to entice new players and find ways to keep the current ones.

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