RIP Independent

I always found it a bit insipid, and it stopped being independent a while ago anyway, to be honest (Lebedev is a terrible owner). Weird that they’re going to focus on the web version, given that their website is the worst UK newspaper one anyway (well, maybe the Times one is, but since you can’t read anything on it, who’d know or care?)

I quite like Mark Steel’s columns, but that’s about all I read from it these days.

Apparently the Graun is haemorrhaging money, and the Torygraph is a shambles these days. Will there be any proper national papers left in the UK before too much longer?

Maybe the Indy won’t completely disappear - the Seattle PI is still going years after going online only, but I get the impression it’s all syndicated content and clickbaity cat photos these days.


the RSS feed is about half local clickbait blogthings and then the rest is half proper local stories and half standard AP/UPI stuff.

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There is literally nothing worth saving in the London press any more. The Grauniad has gone full self parody, Lebedev has strangled the indie, and the rest are a mixture of gutter sweepings and the worst paranoid hate machines possible.

If only some form of micropayment system had taken off. I would have liked to have been able to compile my own slate of writers I enjoyed, rather than put up with whatever the nepotistic commissioning editors felt fit to deliver.

The only news sources left worth buying are Private Eye, the Big Issue and the FT.

This is why we have The Intercept.

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