RIP, Roy Trumbull: happy mutant, TV/radio engineering legend, podcaster


Just saw this post by Cory. Thanks Cory.

Roy was an inspiration to me in his story telling, humor, giving and being “real”. In the last couple of years there were several times that Roy and I would meet up for the Friday lunches at Internet Archive (IA) where he would contribute his readings for various texts and books. Many of them, his own works. (BTW… A search brings up 285 entries he has submitted to IA [1]).

These lunches would be around a table where everyone would introduce themselves and talk about their projects. Roy would listen in rapture about the projects and his eyes would twinkle asking for more details. Drinking up the energy at these lunches.

Roy would downplay his contributions but the folks at IA love to have him there as he was a user of IA that contributed and saw the effort in the same way.

It was fun to see folks like Brewster Kahle (the “Head Librian” aka Executive Director) and Roy beaming at each other. I would just sit back with a smile on my face glad I was able to bring him there.

Of course I have known Roy for some decades befor this. He was at KRON when I was first introduced to him when I arrived in the Bay Area. I was then the CE of a KLOK-FM. He was one of the senior engineers like Bill Ruck and Dick Parks (Roy was somewhere in the middle of these two in age). Roy was always helpful and a good friend.

I will miss him.


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