RIP Sears


I had one of these:

My parents were too broke to afford an Atari or Intellivision…


Yes, but do you have an analog TV to plug all this into (save the GameBoy, of course)?

Our house can fill in the modern section of the Gaming Console Museum. The number of games, who knows, but it’s a lot…PS2 (currently in storage), PS3, PS4, Xbox (in storage, we have 2), Xbox 360, XBone, Wii, 3DS, and Switch. My PS1 died shortly after I got the PS2. Seems I played it to death.


I seem to remember an old saying about when an organization is united something something, but when it’s divided something something.

Eh, I haven’t heard it in years. Probably a crypto-archaic remnant at this point.


no analog, but i have the adaptors needed to run them all through my 52" hdtv. i have to admit, the odyssey 2 looks a little weird on the big screen . . .


I tried a PS1 game via the PS3 on our 55” LCD, and it looked like…really big pixels. I need something much smaller for these old games. :laughing:


Almost assuredly to a Chinese company or consortium. Just as a number of former major American brand names now only appear on Chinese stuff.


It’s official.

Mr. Lampert is also seeking to buy the Kenmore brand from Sears for $400 million.

Even in bankruptcy, Mr. Lampert will have great sway over the company’s fate. His hedge fund owns about 40 percent of the company’s debt, including about $1.1 billion in loans secured by Sears and Kmart properties. As a result, he could force Sears to sell the stores or transfer them to him to repay that debt.

“Lampert will make out,” said Mr. Olbrysh, the retired Sears worker. “There is no question about that.”


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