Robert Reich's open letter on the downticket and future legacy of Bernie Sanders

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2020 Presidential election is important but shouldn’t 2018 and congress/senate election be the next big thing this movement goes after?


And local city-level and state-government level elections.

Conservatives have a huge head-start on taking control of small, local governments, which (a) make the laws that affect people most directly (like bathrooms bills and whatnot), and (b) creates a pipeline grooming future national leaders.

One organization that helps local progressives is, but I’d be interested in hearing of others.


I can count on one hand the number of people in DC that I feel are public servants in the true sense of the phrase. Mr. Reich is one, and of course Bernie, then Senator Warren. After that, it’s tough to come up with too many others.


You’re right about the conservatives head start, really moving things backwards at the local level. Here’s another group I think I found through boingboing (not sure though).

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Al Franken? (Just a hunch – can’t say I know his record.)


He comes to mind as well.

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I hope this doesn’t reduce your count down to just a finger or two, but Mr. Reich isn’t “in DC” much lately As Far As I Can Tell, I semi-regularly see him on the streets of Berkeley.


True, he’s a professor there. I guess “DC” in the most loose term to include those with some influence and were long time inside the beltway types…
He’s a good man, who genuinely seems to want to do the right thing.


Too bad Paul Wellstone died… However, his family did start an organization that is still going strong with the goal of creating/training/helping progressive candidates/volunteers/etc:


I thought of him too. The one who makes me worry about whether Sanders and Warren travel much in small planes.

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I’m still upset about Wellstone. He was awesome.


Such a wonderful story and letter — looking forward to more names of the regional organizing groups that will pick up the work as the struggle continues.

Looks like Feingold is running again. fingers crossed


I frickin’ LOVE Feingold, and the tea party asshat who is currently warming his seat has got to go.

WI has been redder and redder these last few years. In part because of fools like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.

Seriously, 2020 is important, but 2018 is where you’re next going to feel the Bern (or where it’ll finally be revealed to have stalled out).


He was a good man, too.
One guy that still pisses me off is Weiner. He had the right fire for the right things… but what a train wreck in his private life.


Still close to Clinton though. Chance of another comeback?

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Hopefully Berners watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

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