Robot hears by using the ear of a dead locust

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ear of a dead locust

Well, that’s a great band name.


…our approaching future where drones and robots will be guided and animated by dead animal parts.

Just wait until the robots have enough sentience to start harvesting their own parts. I’m sure there are parts they could utilize from some soft pink bipeds a little higher up the evolutionary ladder.


We’ve seen this plot-line before…

Doctor Who Deep Breath


This must have been a really fun project.
Locusts have pretty poor hearing, mostly just able to discriminate stridulations (insect “singing” by rubbing their wings together) and bat calls. Apparently human hand claps are similar enough in frequency to stridulation for this to work. To really ramp up the dystopic future vibe, though, I think they should make a swarm of locust bots communicating with each other through ultrasonic bat-like signals we can’t hear. Maybe give it a catchy name like robo-plague of the undead locusts or something.

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