Robots 3D-printed with shock-absorber skins

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Sounds like the answer is a resounding “closer than ever!”


First, can they make jar of pickles that doesn’t shatter if you drop it?

On a related note, I’ve got some loose pickles if anybody wants one.


Good name for a band.


Are they the crunchy kind? If so, no.

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They were, but the ones I stepped on aren’t so crunchy now and I’m pretty sure I just described a really specific fetish.


Does anyone else see a problem at 0:38-0:46 in the video? It shows two balls bouncing off a hard disk. The top one is labeled “4% liquid.” The bottom is “36%.” The 36% liquid bounces a lot farther than the 4%. But it seems to me it should be the 4% that bounces farther. Seems to me the one with 36% liquid should have more dampening.

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