Robots that teach coding to kids


The Three Laws of Robotics don’t apply, do they? So I can program them to kill?

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This looks really cool. I only have one problem with it…it’s supported Mac products only at launch. Why are so many great products launched and designed for the Mac? I’m not a Mac enthusiast, would much rather use Android or Windows. Currently using and loving my Windows Phone. Have an IPad and IPhone for work so I have experience with all three, and frankly am not all that fond of the Apple products. If they’re truly trying to instill a love of programming they should make these kind of products work on all three platforms, so your not just catering to the kids of Apple junkies. My daughter’s just joined up with a Lego Robotics club so this would be an awesome thing for her to have and be able to teach her younger brother. We have multiple Kindle Fires and my daughter has Windows tablet/laptop supplied by her school, but if I want to get this at launch, I’d need to add the additional cost of buying an Ipad for it.

In reply to @igpajo44 - that’s why we created a robot called KIBO which is controlled by wooden blocks. KIBO teaches four to seven year-olds to play, create and learn to code without screens or keyboards. It’s based on 15 years of research into child development, and is about encouraging creativity and open-ended play. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Thank you

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