Roll your own ASMR soundscape

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Perfect for a haunted house!

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“Whispering psychopath” ain’t very relaxing for me. Reminds me of when I worked in a big office of small cubicles.


Neat! I didn’t think I experienced ASMR, but I feel it (a little bit). Except it’s hard for me to disassociate the sound from the description. For example, l like the sound of the rain and the snowstorm and start to feel relaxed, but then I think about being outside in that weather and I get anxious again :frowning:

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“leaves rustling in the wind,” “barbershop haircut,” “whispering psychopath,”

One of these things is not like the others,
Which one is it, do you know?

Not a very good example of ASMR. The sound quality is poor and the triggers are all too alike. This may just be due to my own response to ASMR recordings, but breathy whispers in one ear and then the other are more potent. listening to an exhausted guy describe something without the stereo effect is just weird.

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My ASMR landscape is all Merzbow, all the time.

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at the end of a hard day at school there are few things more relaxing to me than holding my pet python, bob, and listening to merzbow’s “worms plastic earthbound.”

just want to emphasize that there is no sarcasm or irony involved in that statement, that really lets me decompress when the kids have been awful.

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One of my kitties likes this a lot on these levels.

Aww man… someone beat me to the punch… like 4 years after I had the idea and was just too darn lazy to implement it.

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