Rosa Parks was a radical, lifelong black liberation activist, not a "meek seamstress"

Sally Ride and Amelia Earhart were/are praiseworthy icons and trailblazers, but their contributions to American history were mostly limited to “first woman to do something that people were already doing.”

The nice thing about having an activist or scientist or politician is that their contributions are more widespread. For example, Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Clara Barton all changed society in tangible ways that impacted millions of lives.

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While less tangible, contributions from people like Ride and Earhart goes beyond just trail blazing and being “first women”.

Two examples I can thing of:

  1. Changing general attitudes on what women can/can’t do and gives credit to the “equality bank”.

  2. Inspiring others to do something greater.

I am sure Tubman, Stanton, and others got their inspiration to be who they were from their own personal heroes (who may have just been their mothers or friends).

IDK… I was mostly riffing and being inebriated. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any famous female scientists. It seems like Tyson and The Science Guy have that market wrapped up.

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I’ve always considered Albright more an activist than politician, in the sense of what was she elected to, ever?

Connect those dots!

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… cocktails … beers … poorly written posts … something something something …

Your writing seems flawless.

Perhaps where you’re engaging in a conversation you’re proud to tout your disengagement from, accitententionally, in a female-achiever friendly thread is where you’ve come off a prat to me?

Bottoms up.

Hiccup! I thought my earlier contributions were pretty good… but like you’ve pointed out I’m an idiot, so theres that too…

I think you can consider appointed officials to be political, yeah? I don’t think political operatives are just our elected officials, but those they appoint to political positions within their administrations. The secretary of state and defense are most certainly a political role, considering both play an incredible important role in foreign affairs. Just look at how important some of them have been in the cold war era - Dulles, Kissinger and MacNamera come to mind. Albright and Clinton too.

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