Router for gamers lets you filter games by distance






Seems a bit unnecessary but i suppose providing more control to a consumer can’t be a bad thing. Personally most of my lag is directly related to shitty service on my end (despite the advertized speeds) than distance to other players/servers.


The (highly likely) fine print, as more information becomes available:


Windows games left PC games in the dust a long time ago.


Was that a typo?



Seems like a good idea, I don’t really care for anonymous online multiplayer but if I knew I was only fighting my neighbours I’d be able to shout out the window “YOU SHOT ME YOU PRICK!” or “IMMA GONNA BEAT YOU DOWN, BWOY!” or “YOU SUNK MY SCRABBLESHIP!”


Don’t all in-game multiplayer lobbies already let you sort servers by ping? That’s far more relevant than physical distance.

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