Rudy and the Beast: Randy Rainbow's latest song parody rips on Giuliani and Trump

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I’ve really liked many of Randy Rainbow’s vids since they started showing up, a few years ago now… but he’s taken things to the next level with this. It’s a tour-de-force, he’s fantastic.





I love Randy Rainbow.

And every time he works those big pink glasses onto his face, I smile.


I love him too, but I wish he would do more fake interviews and not just the song parodies. He seems to have given up the interviews unfortunately, even though he’s so good at them.

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I take it this isn’t Randy of Randy and the Rainbows.

I saw them in 1979 (while they were changing their name to “Madison Street” and refashioning themselves as a disco act) at a beach on Long Island. It was the first rock concert I ever attended.


Thanks for this. I’m not sure who I thought sang this song (one of the other more famous doo-wop groups, I guess) but would never have guessed Randy & the Rainbows.

The songwriter probably made more money off the Blondie version than this one.

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I only wish that was a real interview.

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Rainbow flags? i see nothing here that should have been flagged, so I’m guessing this thread is clean.

Randy Rainbow is truly wonderful.

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Trump: “You can’t say I didn’t try.”

No. We certainly can’t say that.

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