Rudy Rucker reissues five of his classic books as $12 paperbacks and $2 DRM-free ebooks

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The man has to eat. Hollywood tries to resurrect old movies which brought them money all the time. Why not Rudy Rucker? It works when you are at an author’s block for years.

$12 for a paperback even if a nice one is a bit steep for me but $2 for the ebook is a spot on impulse buy price for sure. I may very well purchase those.

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Author’s block? You mean “writer’s block?”

Rucker hasn’t stopped writing and publishing novels and short stories ever.

Publishing new editions of your novels isn’t quite the same as Hollywood remaking the same movie again. The writer equivalent would be re-writing his novel along the same lines and issuing it again.


SO, you mean he doesn’t have to eat? Or you refuse to accept the obvious fact that he has reissued five of his books despite them still being available and with no particular demand for them anyways. It is just an attempt to sell more of the same, to wave a hand up there. Or you say that he kept on writing and publishing texts which are selling to such an effect that the need to reissue old works has risen? How do you call that? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical. Same or not the same, people with less narrow understanding than yours would understand what I meant to say. You on the other hand seem to be an expert on all things Rudy Rucker, so I might be mistaken, in which case - you win the Internet! Congratulations. Game Over. Insert Coin.

U mad?

The books are out of print and he has the rights to them back so he’s re-issued them. He’s a retired professor. I doubt he’s desperate for cash.

As to “no particular demand,” well, who is claiming to be the Rucker expert now? It is pretty trivial to go to Amazon or another site and see how many books he’s published in the last 10 or 15 years. Try it. It is more than a couple from a variety of publishers. It would seem like there is plenty of demand for his work, going back decades.

Why the hateful spite towards Rucker? Did he kick your dog?

I see you joined this site just to post all of this though. Hope it works out for you.

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