Rudy Rucker's BIG AHA


so when i read stuff about rudy rucker i am left wondering if he did too much LDS in the sixties…?

Orson Scott Card is the sci fi author who overdosed on LDS.

But it’s plausible that Rucker may have some experience with LSD.

I think in Rucker’s case it is fractals that blew his mind, not drugs.

Seek the gnarl.

Blocked by both my office and the guest wifi. What kinda malware is this Rudy hosting on his website?

Just finished reading Postsingular (and moving on to Hylozoic), and think I’m sensing some reuse of ideas here. :slight_smile: But that’s cool.

someone else did too much LDS in the 60s… and that man was spock.

Yeah, I thought “Postsingular but with biotech.” And also, “Rudy Rucker is trying to out-Rudy Rucker Rudy Rucker.”

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