Rules for Predicting the Future, according to Octavia Butler

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Thanks for pointing me towards s writer/thinker that I would not have found on my own with such important insights to our current predicaments.


I only discovered Octavia Butler in late 2019. When I read Parable of the Sower, it broke me. This amazing woman had warned us of all that was to come and no one listened. I still haven’t been brave enough to read Parable of the Talents but I’m hoping to get there soon.


I was hooked a long time ago by Kindred.


Those rules reflect a level of humility that’s rare in many of the kinds of people who try to predict and/or influence the future.

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My thought exactly. I found Sower in my local library and put a request/hold on it. Hope it gets here soon.

I love the way she looks at the future as a child of our today. It needs to be nourished, guided and cared for. Wow, that’s true on so many levels. If her work is anything like this snippet, this might help me to become a better person myself, for which I see brainpickings extremely useful.


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