Run a pixel art sword shop


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Oh no, I’m not falling for that.


This is similar to how the pawn shops in Dungeons and Dragons Online worked until they introduced crafting mechanics into the game.


This reminds me Rob. You should check out West of Loathing, it’s a sequel to Kingdom of Loathing. I’ve been playing it non-stop for the past few days and it’s so good. The game is ridiculous and insane in all the best ways, you’d love it.


Sounds a lot like being an NPC in a real game.


That game is mostly likely the first thing I buy with my next paycheck.


It is 100% every penny. The game as a lot of depth to it, loads of easter eggs and hidden content that is easy to miss. Also there’s no good wiki for the game right now so figuring some things out has taken some real effort.


What’s up everybody! I’m the creator of this game, thanks so much for reviewing it! I made this game actually for a school project so that’s why it may not feel finished, and I know there is only so much to do, but I hope you enjoy your time playing it. Thank you to everyone who has played it and I hope you enjoyed it! Fell free to ask any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them!


Thank you for hopping in here :slight_smile: what can you tell us about the game? What was your original vision or intention for the game and how does the final result compare? If you were to have another go at it would you do anything different or do you think where it’s at is as far as you’d be willing to explore the concept?


I originally wanted to make a pawn shop game with basic assets that I could obtain. This was my first game I’ve actually finished, so I think it came out okay. If I were to redo it, I would add a lot more features so it would feel like less of a grind and there would be a lot more to do. Also I think better graphics and a more customizable shop would really help the game. Overall for a school project and my first real game it turned out fine, but there is a lot more that could make it better.


Just to say, I am currently on Day 103 of running my shop since reading about your game here yesterday, so - well done, great job! The music is really excellent, too.


Hi Rob - your "Character creation…" is a work of subversive genius, but I don’t think it’s quite correct to say Ben’s game is in the ‘exclusive focus’ micro-genre…

It kinda feels that way because you’re selling swords, and we’re so accustomed to standing on the other side of the counter in such transactions (I’m playing Dragon Age: Origins at the moment, and loving it). But I submit Sword Shop fits in the established merchant/trade-simulation category; some such games have trade as a major element alongside something else (Elite, Sid Meier’s Pirates!) but there is also a storied genre of lower-tech but classic trade-only games… I’m stretching for examples, but the seminal Hammurabi and its derivates are not totally unlike in form.

Of course, there is also the possibility I take videogames way too seriously :wink:


Thanks moose! I appreciate the kind words!


Loved it (as you can see)!


Thanks for making it, and thanks for dropping by!


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