Same yearbook photo outfit for 40 years

For 40 years, high school gym teacher Dale Irby of Dallas, Texas wore the same shirt and sweater for his yearbook photo. It started as an “accident” but became a running joke. ( READ THE REST

So exploitable.

This is awesome. Also, I have to say, if I saw this gentleman’s photo and you asked me what he did, I’d probably say High School Gym Teacher.

Scary the second photo looks surprisingly like my dad.

The way this got started reminds me of when someone trips on the kerb and then turns it into a run to make it appear deliberate.


What worries me isn’t the clothes, but the same mustache for 40 years.

He has also morphed from Anthony Edwards to Gene Hackman.


if you have something that works, you roll with it.

If my mother picked out his clothing.

I should ask my mom (high school English teacher) to pull together her nearly forty years of yearbook photos. I know she used to have the first ten or 12 on the same page of a photo album. She didn’t wear the same clothes, fortunately or unfortunately, but it’s still nice to have such a clear timeline.

I give him points for being able to get into the same clothes he’s worn for the annual photo for forty years. Not many retirees can say that. His glasses changed… but not much.

what this shows is for most men a moustache is not a good look, just don’t dp it

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