Sammy Davis Jr. on Manischewitz almond flavored wine


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Man O Manischewitz!


Can’t speak for almond wine, but falernum is delicious.


Every St. Patty’s day, I make those same noises as I buy and prepare to drink a sixer of green beer.

The noises I make after drinking the first green beer are completely different, and generally give off a vibe of, “this is possibly the worst thing I’ve ever drunk why the hell did I do this”.

The noises I make after drinking the whole sixer, however, lean back towards the noises Mr. Davis Jr. is making in the advert.


Ouch, babe.


Sadly, I don’t think this stuff’s sold anymore. I’d love to know what it was like (from someone besides Sammy).


Sammy, you could do better.

Like, here, for example:


It was terrible, you dig?


I thought Kosher wine was supposed to be unpleasant.


It is not delicious.


Nah, that’s just the stereotype because most of the kosher wines from the last century in the US were made to be produced quickly to fulfill demand for ceremonial purposes (as just about every Jewish holiday requires wine). Most of the kosher wines made nowadays (with the exception of Manischewitz) are quite good.


If that’s the goal, they could learn a thing or two from the $2 Charles Shaw merlot. The memory makes me shudder.


Reminded me of this gem


Two Buck Chuck! (Not $2 anymore, at least where I am.) Their cabernet sauvignon isn’t bad (although not consistent)


That’s why you buy it by the case. By the time you’re about three bottles in you cease to notice.


Dude there is so much in this that makes me cringe like someone is scraping fingernails against blackboards.

But as the old yiddish saying had it (or something like) “thank you lord for making the world various!”

That said it is quite possible I may actually drink on Paddy’s day this year as the next day is Saturday (was looking up for childcare reasons the other day).

Lá Fela Kuti ba duit!



I need to hit this every time I see a Sammy Davis Jr post

Have to, Sorry.


Wait, the Hawaii 5-0 theme has lyrics??


You can count on… it.