San Diego has gotten fed up with dockless scooters

President Pro Tem Barbara Bry has called for a moratorium on electric scooters, saying, “enough is enough – scooter companies have had their opportunity.”

Looks like the Good Burghers of San Diego have gotten tired of the e-scooter business model - externalizing social costs and ignoring the rules. They’re considering getting rid of them. On the downside we’ll see fewer Avengers and Anime characters on scooters. On the plus side with fewer units out there the companies will hemorrhage money a little more slowly. Or maybe that’s another downside.

In any case, it’s nice to see a city take notice and try to hold the companies accountable.


As luck would have it someone has left a Bolt scooter on our parking strip. Nobody has come by and picked it up.

Any creative suggestions about what we can do with it? Putting it in the recycling bin isn’t really creative enough.


Bury it up to the handlebar in the planter.

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Spend 50 bucks on a conversion kit.

Free scooter!

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Thanks for posting about this. I wanted to follow what looks like a link in the OP, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere (at least not for me) ?

I re-pasted the link, and it seems to work now.

Yes, working for me now, thank you!

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