San Diego school district acquires MRAP (basically a tank) for cheap from feds



Teacher accidentally discharges handgun in school toilet, hurting self

Apparently some San Diego pupils are rather tough. Do teachers get ballistic vests?


In b4 “It’s not a tank!”


And so the battle continues to escalate…

From the halls of Poplar Grade School to the shores of bubble gum bay we will fight our teacher's battles with spitballs gum and clay We will fight for lunch and recess and to keep our desks a mess (a mess) we are proud to claim the title of "teacher's number-one pest"

Then there is this one that seems to have some major variations…
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school
…hid behind the door with a loaded 44 and she ain’t my teacher no more…


How long will it be before this piece of equipment is used? Bets?


Is this a PR stunt for Anchorman 3 [son of anchorman]?


It would make a great playground addition. Prolly ought to take the doors off, though.


I like to think of it this way: An APC isn’t a tank in the same sense that a logging truck isn’t a mobile home.


‘The kids ran away when we tried to drop off the teddy bears? Paint clowns on the side. Kids love clowns, right?’


The big thing is that the maintenance for these things is very expensive, and requires specialized knowledge. If I did not have a better job, I would start a company to perform all the maintenance on these MRAPs and other military vehicles for rural police departments and now schools.


Yeah - it’s not a tank. It’s an armored vehicle. It’s ok to make distinctions, even if one word is more click baity. Just like every gun isn’t an Assault Rifle or every car a Ferrari, even if they share some characteristics.

Their rationale for it is absolutely absurd.

Also, I will deliver any MRAP across the US for only $4000, as I am confident I can fly to any location and drive it back for a fraction of that. Including gas and MtDew.


Driver’s Ed just got real popular; hand the maintenance to the voc/tech crew.


OTOH, if you see one of these bearing down on you, while you’re running away shouting “It’s a MRAP!!” people are just going to think you’re blowing raspberries* ( :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) at them or something.

*Not sure what the correct US term is for that. Razzing maybe?


In one way or another, all armored vehicles have been called “tanks” for the past 90 years. We’ve even got some knucklehead saying that the lack of a turbine is on the list of thing that make it not a tank.

How about this, knuckleheads, if you mean an MBT, say “MBT”, not tank. Get it right!


I’m sure that the IRC is really, really, happy with the placement of that protective symbol.

They are toothless, sure; but it’s still pretty tacky.


Aside from the removal of the .50 (and quite possibly even with it, there are still protected firing positions available), I suspect that you could get pretty much any muddy Brit in 1916 to trade you his Mark I for an MRAP in a heartbeat…


Basically a tank…


Tanks have Main Guns, aka Tank Guns. That’s the key distinction.


Ah, but would your delivery be AQAP compliant?


As a matter of tactical necessity, MBTs settled on a “main gun” after a few decades into the existence of tanks, but like I said, if you mean MBT, say MBT.