San Diego State University Tuition in 1959

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Just to be clear, ,this doesn’t appear to actually include regular tuition itself…


No, that’s $41 in fees. The tuition was $127. Don’t they make you do word problems to get hired there?


But did that include WIFI?


There would have been a shared payphone in the hallway of the dormitory or off-campus boarding house. I am sure you would have been welcome to hook your modem up to that, and then you’d have been able to dial into your TARDIS’s mainframe, at least as long as no line of students formed demanding that you not hog the phone so they could call their families.


I often wonder where all the money actually goes; you can only buy so many gold plated microscopes, faucets and hookers, you know?

The tuition paid by students is only part of what’s fed into the uni system:
There’s also research grants and patent licenses both from said research, and from student work.


I bet it’s more now


I’m sure the student complained about how high the tuition was.

This is one reason why I am agreeing with the current out cry about tuition.

My dad worked through college and paid for his.

I got a few scholarships, worked through college to live, and used student loans to pay for my tuition. Those loans were modest but also still affect me today.

Today one can work through school, barely have enough to live on, and get way more in debt than I did at that age.

So, yeah, we need to fix some shit.


Average income in 1959 was $3,855.80. It would be interesting to see how much the ratio of income to tuition has changed.

Lots of things were different in 1959. Like this, or the number of students of color.

History: it’s complicated!


Sports, it goes to sports.


-and the connection would have been interrupted every couple of minutes by the “add another quarter” tone from the phone company.


*add another nickel


The University of California, at least as late as 2000, didn’t charge “tuition” – it charged “fees”, etc., but nothing called tuition. This is the Cal State University system (different animal), but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all there was and that there was nothing out there called “tuition”


God, I can’t imagine how awesome America would be with a 90% marginal tax rate on the wealthy. If trump was serious about MAGA, this would be his platform.


Salaries for university employees (from faculty, administration, librarians, janitors, business managers, secretaries, etc)? Electricity, water? Books? Subscriptions to J-stor and other databases? Rugs? Chairs? Desks? Sometimes whole buildings? Same sort of shit any other large scale organization needs to function?

Or do you think that those things just magically appear out of nowhere?


Probably not, because it wasn’t that high. 1959 was the start of a massive wave of incoming students who would not have been able to afford college prior to this. Some were on the GI bill, many were there because their rather newly middle class parents could afford the $$ to send them to college.

Going to college now is rather expensive compared to this.


Skyrocketing administration costs outpacing the other required costs of maintaining a school. Depending on the school, the athletics program being a drain rather than asset.

But also certainly stuff has gotten more expensive. How many computer did San Diego State have in 1959?


Sure, but my comment to @Blaze_Curry was to illustrate the many things that universities spend their money on… it’s not just gold-plated microscopes. There are costs associated with any large scale organization. That’s just a fact of life. And yes, there is a problem with both the costs of the administration and the sports teams.

Also, student life stuff, art for the university, white boards, projectors, TVs, blue-ray players, DVDs, CDs, sheet music, art supplies, copiers, paper for the copiers, toners, paper clips, white out, pens, pencils, markers, book shelves, collapsible book shelves, sodas, snacks, paper plates, coffee, cubicles, security, mental health counseling… I don’t think any of this is just given to a university or college out of the goodness of the hearts of the suppliers. Nor can the people who work for the university or college live on student evals and air. Surprisingly, they need to pay their bills and eat, just like all the people in the “real” world.