San Francisco's groundbreaking, wonderful DNA Lounge may have to close


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They hosted the last dorkbot. Felt very secure after the Ghost Ship. Hope won’t miss.


that would definitely be a shame – the DNA is one of those iconic SF clubs for sure. personally, i will miss The Stud more. good times, good times.


2016 seems to be going out with a massive FU.


The Stud is saved!


Oh man, I spent the last two Halloweens there, well last year I went to the thing just before Halloween because that’s the one that had a goth dj. We are just now getting a car and had been looking forward to trying to make it out to the goth night on a semi regular basis.

I really like the space.



Green text on black background ugh


yay! i hadn’t heard this. then there’s hope for the DNA!


JWZ may be a curmudgeonly asshole (then again, aren’t most of us here) and he seems like a good guy at heart. I hope the DNA can pull itself out of this.


Also remember that Jamie Zawinski was the programmer responsible for the X version of Netscape back in the early days. If you were an early Linux and/or UNIX user, you owe him for one of the earliest web browsers available for a real OS.


I don’t blame him for being a bit curmudgeonly. Some of his code from 20+ years ago runs circles around anything newer. I had need a few years ago to process a large mail archive but no modern email client could handle it. Every single one I tried was abysmally slow (if they didn’t crash entirely), threaded things incorrectly, and couldn’t handle bad dates. I found some of his code from and not only was it lightning fast, it also threaded correctly and handled bad data as well as reasonably possible. Plus it was rather easy to read and understand. Things like that combined with all that he’s done with DNA make him multidimensional role model material. I hope he can work out a solution to this.

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