SatoshiQuest is a game where players compete to find hidden bitcoin treasure in Minecraft

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Even with that $ incentive, I ain’t playing that game.

Are there clues to decipher to help you search, or do you just have to strip mine the world until you find the magic block?

The former could be kind of fun and competitive, especially if hints are broadcast at regular intervals. The latter is just gambling with a ton of extra grind.


They need to simulate an actual gold rush by having the coins scattered around. So after paying the fee and spending many hours digging, you only get back some fraction of what you paid in the first place.


The big issue is that people are going to run client-side X-Ray mods and cheat their asses off since there is real money involved. Especially since it’s cryptobucks. X-Ray bots will be all over the servers shortly after they go live.


If it’s set up so that’s possible*, I suppose it’s screwed however they position the rewards, but having the coin values be individually minute and spread out all over the place would at least make them not worth pursuing for purely financial reasons…

*The alternative would be that a certain material has a chance of spawning the coins, but you don’t know until you’ve mined it.

So, unregulated gambling aimed at kids? Neat!

There is no way for a server to know if the client is using an X-Ray mod. They gotta send the block data no matter what.

If the material is Diamonds or especially Emeralds you’re still talking about being overrun by X-Ray bots. If the material is Coal then you’re back to just being a lottery with grind.

Maybe if it was something that occasionally popped out of a villager trade? That would at least make it somewhat varied, although I’d expect then that griefers with X-Ray mods would scour the server looking for villagers to slaughter so they could have a monopoly.

Or maybe have the coin have a chance to pop out for every Villager Zombie you cure? That could be interesting. But then people are going to scour the Nether and wipe out all Blaze spawners ASAP… There’s not much you can do with this “do an activity for a chance at a coin” that won’t attract griefers.

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Bitcoin mining for people without a GPU array.

I think “lottery with grind” is, perversely, the best case scenario here…

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