Save 67% On A Lifetime of Hushed Private & Disposable Communication


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So BoingBoing has started a dating service?


It can’t but end in tears.


I’m already crying.



Aren’t “lifetime” and “disposable” kind of… .opposites?


Heck - if we’re talking about Lifetime movies, they’re practically synonmous.


Another SKETCHY deal fed into the BoingBoing homepage from StackSocial. I’ve purchased stuff from Stack Social in the past, but lately they are selling these “Lifetime” subscriptions to fly by night pump and dump companies which is essentially a SCAM.

The WiFi in this offer’s own photo is called Sketch for crying out loud…subliminal truth in advertising? that is a first.


BoingBoing doesn’t even deign to review, or experience, this service on its own before offering it to the readership. I’m flummoxed at the lack of care. It looks venal. I’ve registered to post on this bulletin board just to get my concern heard. I read this site all the time.


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