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Sounds like the ad copy for training videos for how to use a bong or something…where it’s totally cool if you want to get some munchies or nap. With super well thought out ad copy like that, how can I not feel confident of the quality of the training?

Regardless of the increasingly ridiculous StackSocial ad copy, I’m in the market for Adobe training videos, so I decided check out the offer more:


Length of time users can access this course: lifetime

Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase


All sales final

Redeem your membership within 60 days of purchase[/quote]

So, you get a no refunds, lifetime subscription, unless you fail to “redeem” your “lifetime” subscription within 30 60 days. In which case you get a lifetime of nothing for your money. So confusing… I think I’m just going to grab some pizza and a nap…


A “Jedi master of design”? Meaning I can end up as a defeated hermit living in fear in a cave or swamp?

Also who exactly gave an award to these videos and what was the award?

I searched their blog for the name of the elusive award granter to no avail. Surly they would announce the receipt of such awards on their blog? Well, no matter. “Award winning” is one of the most useless claims in an ad, as such a claim can be “true” no matter how trivial the award. Their mother could have given them a blue 1st place ribbon a decade ago and the claim would be nominally true. Hell, I’m an “award winning” writer. I earned “Nice Post” a couple of times here on the BB BBS. :smiley:

Anyway, if someone earns an award with some actual gravitas, they typically will mention the name of the award granter, such as “Pulitzer prize-winning journalist” or some such. The specific award matters, a lot.

I’ll have to check out their samples. Their training could be excellent. I have no idea. I’ve never heard of them before, for some reason…

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