Scammer Payback deletes scammer's files while posing as old lady

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Wonderful things, truly.

I wonder, though how he spoofed a bank account and wire transfer?

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This guy is my hero for the hacking. The video-editing not so much.


I’m concerned for this anti-hacker (and any who might seek to emulate him). Technically, he’s showing copious evidence of violating a bunch of federal laws, exposing himself to at least a 10 year sentence.

This is great - but this guy is no Jim Browning.


I am not so concerned. In this case the “victim” would likely be required to be present and expose himself to prosecution. I make plenty of terroristic threats to phone scammers and dare them to sue me.



There was no wire transfer, Prahlad was editing the source of the transaction history page by hand to make it LOOK like there was a transfer when he asked “Vivian” to go transcribe some number from the router.

So it wasn’t even a money mule scam, just straight up theft.

ETA, I’m assuming the online banking page was also not from a real bank, but I don’t know what was being used there…


Bank of America — First Baptist :joy:


I can understand the enjoyment people get out of watching this file deletion or the time wasters. However, this form of digital vigilant justice is rather juvenile, and I’m dubious about how effective it is at stopping the scammer.

Jim Browning is a class act, and a pro!

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It seems to be very effective in the sense that if the scammers step on enough mines, they stop walking through a mine-field. If we had a competent criminal justice system, they would be arresting these jack-holes ripping off people who need to use online services but don’t quite get it. But instead, the authorities concentrate on people selling 2 cigarettes outside of a convince store. Then kill them.


He got the scammer to apologize, more than once!

Our competent criminal justice system has no power to prosecute people across international boundaries.


I agree. I suppose we should start calling it “incompetent” criminal justice system.

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