Scammer who lived high life as fake Saudi prince gets outed by 🥓


Disappointing. I came here hoping it was this guy.

I guess the Yemenis will continue to suffer.


I’ve never eaten raccoon, but I’ve talked to people who have. The biggest complaint by far* was the very ‘gamy’ taste of second-hand…Well, it’s better not to think of what those giant garbage eaters have been fattened up on. So, I was talking with a carnivore friend in Boulder, and we discussed whether raccoon meat would make good bacon. It’s already strongly-flavored, and very greasy, and all the chemical curing and salting would help finish off their creepy parasites, such as tapeworm.

*They complained of the taste, and not about what raccoons eat?

My friend just wanted the scandal of going out for brunch in Boulder and ordering two sides of Raccoon Bacon.


Is wrong to hope that there will be an overlap marked, “He died to save us all”?


I’m allergic to nitrites, so I eat nitrite-free bacon frequently. It’s indistinguishable from regular bacon. The curing and smoking process is a big part of it, but the fat content of the cut also make a big difference.


Mmmmmm, I’ve never had duck ham before, but I loves me some duck and jamón

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