Scans of complete run of OZ, psychedelic underground newspaper from UK (1967-1973)

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Best known for inspiring John & Yoko’s attempted fundraiser for the Oz obscenity trial: “God Save Oz/Do the Oz”. One of Elastic Oz Band’s more popular numbers. Always heard the line as “God save us from the Queen”, but can’t swear to it

I’d just like to say that I would have liked to have written a thesis on the religious aspects of the psychedelic movement and used Oz as source material, but I knew I would never get away with it.

Oz could be extremely sexist and progressive in the same issue, which meant that a fair bit of sounding out was needed before telling someone you read it.


I think, though, that was true of much underground press at this time, the being progressive and sexist. It’s what propelled the 2nd wave of young feminist around that time.

You think so? I think that would be a brilliant topic to tackle… Why do you think you wouldn’t get away with it?

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Also, The Great Speckled Bird, the underground paper of Atlanta back in the day is also available online, thanks to the lovely folks in GSU archives and special collections:

It’s a great resource for this time period and it’s the whole run, I think.

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Holy crap! Awesome. OZ was hugely influential on the London design scene and a decade or more ahead of its time. I’ve seen individual spreads here and there but have never seen a full issue, much less the entire run.


In 1972?

Since I retired I’ve kind of started to pick up various things where I left off due to the demands of career, children etc., but a return to any kind of academia is not on the cards. Apart from anything else I simply don’t have the brain cells I had then.

I am a child of the late 60s and I think I’m reverting to childhood. I saw Felix Dennis around here a few years ago, but sadly he died. Not before rescuing an old but faltering printing company in Frome, though.

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Ah! Yeah, that would have been groundbreaking work then and you would have had a hard time finding support I’d suspect.

I dunno… I have a fair number of older colleagues in my program, in part because if they are over 62 they can go back for free here.


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