Schiaparelli lander crash site


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Well, it’s about time we sent that pharmaceutical patent troll to crash on another planet.


Look, even if you don’t like her clothing, it’s unseemly to gloat over Elsa Schiaparelli crashing and burning.


Schiaparelli died doing what he loved.


self driving technology can’t even handle an empty planet


hey! it parked exactly in the middle of the white spots!


As that lander was meant to be a proof of concept–if the lander failed…to…land*, doesn’t that mean the system didn’t work? That the tech failed?

*Yes, yes, it didn’t fail to land, but it did fail to land properly.


it was called proof of concept before it crashed - now it’s a testbed and gave valuable informations for the next attempt


Well, now this is going to create a lot of confusion for the locals years from now.

“It’s over by Schiaparelli Crater. No, not that one, the other one!”


Another NASA sockpuppet account?
It is common knowledge that the lander did not crash – it was intentionally shot down by NASA and that the U.S. space agency has actually done the same thing to a number of other probes that were launched to find evidence of extraterrestrial life.


It’s like Texas when the directions the local gives you inevitably tell you to turn at the Old Walmart.

"I like landers that actually land..."

president trump wouldn’t take any guff from these egghead types!


Nah, Curiosity was just lonely.


I thought it was secretly to change Mars’ orbit so that it doesn’t crash into earth per Gary Johnson’s prediction.

(OK, Johnson was talking about the sun, but, come on, low-hanging fruit.)


unlikely. to the best of my knowledge NASA is a glorified film studio


Just a crashed weather balloon. Nothing to see here folks.



It landed sooner than expected.




Sometimes you get pissed off, sometimes you get pissed on.