Sci-Fi Sundays: The Original Science Fiction Stories, March 1957

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Pro tip: if you have to put bullets in it, it’s not a ray-gun. (Maybe a rocket gun, like in You Only Live Twice.)

But yes, it looks like the lady is getting ready to dispode of both the guys. And looking forward to it.


These scans from back-in-the-day are dandy. I always loved the illustrations and appreciate the deconstruction from both the writer and commenters. These were the days when science gave us a vision of a better tomorrow and which predicted The Jetsons with comical accuracy. Thanks!

On the cover I see two dead guys and a rather satisfied woman.

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This is a fascinating illustration for 1957.

The typography, composition, and even the hair styles look like they could be from the mid-30s. It’s OOPArt!


“Elixirs of love were in the province of Magic, not alcherage.”


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April 1st on a Saturday isn’t 1957, so maybe the story is supposed to be set in the 1930s?

So cool Caleb! Dig.

I didn’t realise that you were scanning these yourself. Can I suggest that you obtain a piece of black paper and place it behind the page when you scan, to prevent show-through from the other side?

Certainly a rocket gun, to minimise destabilizing yourself in freefall by the recoil of an ordinary gun:


Maybe it’s a battery? Or ion cartridge?

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