Science fiction from southeast Asia (DRM-free)



(It saddens me to no end that a shitty cat drunkenly pasted on a random crappy background gets comments yet this gets no reaction whatsoever in 23 hours.)

I’ve bought both issues. I think the first one was mentioned here previously but was only available in printed form at the time.
I’m very curious about what different cultures can make of Science-Fiction. I’ve read The Wandering Earth anthology by Liu Cixin and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Hi Gwenhael! You’re right; when issue #1 was publicized here, only the print edition was available, but the ebook has been available now since February. I thank you for buying both issues, and I hope you enjoy them.

If you dig Liu Cixin, check out his novel The Three-Body Problem, translated by the all-round brilliant Ken Liu, and forthcoming from Tor Books in October.

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