Scientists create fake rhino horns to disrupt poacher market

Perhaps the sackler’s can redeem themselves.

The demand for horn from rhinos will drop, and I think we have enough horse hair to cover any plausible market demand.

That’s why you have scientists working on producing a convincing substitute.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if it turned out that the fake product was actually a miracle medicine.


Chinese created fake to disrupt the market…
I thing I heard this one before.

but is there any fake tuna sales…

why the F did this problem not end when viagra was invented.

Viagra doesn’t look like a dick.

Same reason religion didn’t disappear when science happened

well science didn’t provide a good answer to the existence of god or life after death… other than “we don’t know but probably no”. Viagra isn’t another alternative placebo. It actually does get your dick hard.

Counterfeit for justice!

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