Cameras embedded in rhino horns to fight poaching

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You can’t outrun a helicopter.

But you can shoot one down.

Organized Poachers will kill humans who stand in their way.

I’m pretty sure the authorities have guns too.


Add a laser to the horn and you have the start to a great rhino revenge movie.


Or freak weather patterns.

Coming this summer! Straight to DVD!



Rangers know that poachers will try to kill them. There’s no naivete among the people in the helicopter or flying it.

Hmm. I suppose it solves a rather unpleasant part of this conundrum.

  1. So far, we’ve learned that the only practical way to stop poachers is to shoot them.
  2. A sane society requires of its lawgivers probable cause
  3. By the time probable cause has been established, the poachers have killed another Rhino and fled.

Instant probable cause.

Any non-rangers on a game preserve with guns aren’t here for sight seeing. That is probable cause.

Also - technically we now have cyborg rhinos.


I encourage people to read the attached story…really powerful.

I propose figuring out some sort of microencapsulated form of ciguatoxin that’s safe for the rhino to carry about hidden in it’s horn, but when ground up to (not) give some loser a supposed stiffy, just makes him stiff overall.

Strike not at the poachers (well, yeah, strike them too), but take the hurt to the end consumer if you want this to end.

Starring: Rihanna


Nah. Just sell them ground-up hooves spiked with viagra. You want a happy customer to return back for more.

Mmm, horse toenail. Just what the doctor ordered.

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It’s the generic version of a rhino horn. The same active component, without the expensive brand.

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