Scientists have discovered how the 2020 "zombie cicadas" get hijacked by a mind-controlling fungus that eats their genitals

Shout out to my alma mater! But holy shit is this 2020. And a set up for a horror / sci-fi movie. Like all of 2020, actually.

“Tell us about the Before Times! How did the CDC become a nuclear power?”

“Well, it all started when we discovered covert gonadophage gerbils spreading through the human population; and we agreed to do what had to be done…”

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William Sleator used parasites influencing human behavior as a plot device in “Parasite Pig”… the main character Barney develops strange urges related to his parasite’s desire to see him eaten.

“To complicate matters even further, Barney has a parasite—Madame Toxoplasma Gondii—living in a cyst in his brain; she needs Barney to be eaten by a giant crab in order to complete her lifecycle.”

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