Scottish Tories defeat anti-money-laundering measure aimed at shutting down the Russian oligarch-Scotland pipeline

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It’s telling that the bill was voted on in Westminster, rather than Edinburgh. I’d have thought rules governing Scottish Limited Partnerships should have been devolved to the Scottish Assembly.


All that money buys you access to the Government, don’t cha know…


I’d have thought rules governing Scottish Limited Partnerships should have been devolved to the Scottish Assembly.

The composition of the parties who voted for the anti-money laundering measure is a good part of the reason why it wasn’t devolved to Holyrood.


Is there gonna be a new Scottish independence vote anytime soon?

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It’s like they see us sharpening the guillotines, but think they’re just gonna call our bluff by being more and more ridiculously, clownishly evil. God it takes a lot of sledge-hammer prodding for humanity to swing left.


I’d like to see trade sanctions on Scotland please.


What is with western governments needing to rely on Russian oligarch underhanded financing? I mean isn’t the U.S. and Western Europe wealthy enough to launder their own money? Why does Russia have such influence?


Mostly because it’s really, really easy money for the small handful of highly-influential people that get to take a cut of it.

And also because it’s getting harder for the financial markets to find any easy money - all the major investment vehicles these days are totally tied up by the tech venture startup funds, leaving only garbagey crumbs that those guys don’t want to touch, like Uber (who seems to exist these days only to fleece the Saudis).

So they launder money, because it’s easy to get away with in the short term, and those short-term windfall profits make it easy to “persuade” lawmakers and regulators to look the other way. Gets pretty ugly though when it inevitably comes out.

On the other hand, at least the UK government finally gave in and have legislated for public registration of business owners in British tax havens, I mean overseas territories.

They didn’t want to, but the tories don’t have a majority at the moment, so they had to let it pass.

clownishly evil

This perfectly captures my impression of it lately as well. It would be amusing if it didn’t involve the creation of policies that affect so many lives for the worst in so many seen and unforeseen ways.

they have a supply of polonium pellets and have no qualms about using them?

Sooner the better believe me…

... Kerb?

You seem to know quite a bit about this process, don’t you… eh comrade?

I thought those were only for laboratory guinea pigs. :yum:

LOL. One of my friends is the manager of a branch of Western Union’s analytics department, which overlaps with AML stuff. Lots of stuff she can’t talk about, but even the “broad strokes” stuff is pretty fascinating.

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